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New Outdoor Gym – Corscombe Playground

New outdoor gym – Corscombe playground

An Outdoor Gym has been installed at the Corscombe Playground for use by older children and adults. It comprises five pieces of equipment. An Air Walker and Air Skier for cardio exercises, a double Bench unit for Core work, a Leg Press and Chest Press for strength building. The equipment has been supplied by Freshair Fitness, funded by the Parish Council with a grant contribution from Dorset Council. The Outdoor Gym is for use by older children (there is a minimum height requirement of 1.4m) and adults. There are instructions on how to use the equipment on each machine and Freshair Fitness have created videos on You Tube on how to get the most out of each unit. The younger children’s play equipment is still in situ and it has recently been repaired and repainted. Phase 2 of the project is currently underway which is the installation of a fence to ensure that the Outdoor Gym is separated from the younger children’s play equipment as these units are not suitable for use by young children. The playground is currently closed whilst these works are underway. It is anticipated that it will reopen the weekend of 3rd/4th July 2021. A message will go out on this website, the village WhatsApp group and facebook to confirm the precise opening date which will be dependent upon the completion of the fence works (and concrete drying). As the equipment is exposed to the elements, we would suggest that all users take a towel with them for their own comfort. We would also ask users to wipe down the equipment, particularly the seats and handles, before and after use. We hope you enjoy using the Gym. Elizabeth Southern (on behalf of the Parish Council) 30 June 2021

About Corscombe

Corscombe is a small village in West Dorset of some five thousand acres that has a population of around 450 people and according to the last census in 2011 a total of 207 houses.

Corscombe village sits on very high ground and a mile from Toller Down which is one of the highest hills in Dorset.

It is designated as area of outstanding natural beauty.

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