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Agenda for the Parish Council 7.30pm on Monday 25th July 2022

Corscombe, Halstock and District Parish Council

Agenda for the Parish Council 7.30pm on Monday 25th July 2022

Meeting to be held at Halstock Village Hall. The Council respectfully asks for face masks to be worn until seated and social distancing to be observed.

 Public period for comments on issues on the agenda

  • Bransford residents


Reports from Dorset Council Councillor and Police Liaison

  1. To receive and accept apologies and declarations of interest.
  1. To approve the draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 31st May 2022 (A).
  1. To discuss matters arising from the minutes not covered in this Agenda.
  1. To note the statement of expenditure to date and bank reconciliation (B) and to approve the schedule of payments since the last meeting. (C)
  1. To note/receive a maintenance update for the playground and outdoor gym (Verbal) TS/RH

 5.1 – To discuss Fresh Air Fitness maintenance contract (verbal) ES

5.2 – No Dogs Allowed sign update

  1. Highways and Rights of Way

6.1 – To receive an update on replacement of stiles to gates (Verbal) Diana Staines/DCh.

6.2 – Update on fingerpost repairs –  (D) NC

6.3 – To note Green Pond Halstock update (verbal) TS/JH

6.4 – To note and approve PROW costings for second phase of printing Walks guide (E) Diana Stains/DCh


  1. To consider and note planning applications and decisions. (F) TS/Planning group

7.1 Unauthorised dwellings update (verbal) TS/Planning group

7.2 – Dorset Council planning response for enforcement (Verbal) TS

7.3 – Update Planning Application WD/D/20/001239 – Land at Pondsmead Farm, Corscombe Road, Halstock – Construct Private Way, Bridge and Works Hardstanding (Retrospective). (verbal) TS/RJ 

  1. To receive and note training updates (Verbal) TS

 8.1 – Star Award

    9. To approve and adopt the Terms and Reference for the PROW Group


  1. Correspondence to be discussed and noted.

 10.1 – Dorset Deserves Better update (Verbal) TS

10.2 – Defibrillator request for West Chelborough, contribution for           funding (verbal) TS

10.3 – CIL (G) TS

10.4 – To note DAPTC update regarding changes to law relating   to the Local Government Disqualification  Act 2022 (H)

10.5 – Defibrillator signs Halstock (verbal) TS

10.6 – Fox Inn – asset of Community Value scheme (Verbal) HL


  1. Climate and Ecology emergency action to be noted

 11.1 Update on Dorset Green living and other environmental initiatives. (Verbal) ES/DCh

11.2 Academic survey – wind turbines on Rampisham Down (I)


  1. To consider urgent matters to report from members and items for the next meeting.


  1. Date of next Parish Council meeting will be Tuesday the 27th September 2022 at Corscombe village Hall.

 Clerk to the Council: Tessa Safadi, Tel: 01935 891068                  


Tessa Safadi

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