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Salt Spreading

The Parish Council would like to thank everyone who undertook salt spreading during our recent cold spells.  It is very much appreciated by all.  Please contact the Clerk if you notice a bin that needs refilling or is damaged.
If you notify the Clerk in advance that you may or will be spreading Council salt/grit you can be sent  the risk assessment and be covered under the Parish Council’s Employers’ and Public Liability Insurance policy”
We are seeking Highways permission for a further 4 salt bins around the Parish.
We would also like to remind parishioners that the salt bins are for public use and not private use.  This will ensure the bins remain full for use on the roads.

How to use rock salt

The most effective way of using rock salt is to spread it in the evening or at night to prevent the formation of ice. Rock salt should be scattered evenly over the road or pavement surface to prevent snow from settling.

To treat an area already covered by snowfall, the loose snow should be cleared before the rock salt is spread. The salt lowers the melting point of water and melts snow and ice, allowing slush to be easily cleared away.


Tessa Safadi
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