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St Mary’s Church Bells 

St Mary’s Church Bells  

Historically Church bells have been used to sound warnings and to mark occasions such as  funerals and celebrations such as weddings and last year’s jubilee.  

I tend to think of church bells as being the voice of the building, to call the faithful to prayer  and service, and inviting our neighbours to come to Jesus outstretched arms.  Bells used for Sunday service call to those around both of joy of God’s love offered to all  people and warning of their need for it.  

They echo and amplify the voice of the church speaking of the presence of God and Gods  people here close by in earshot. They signal welcome for those who come to these old  buildings. They also draw people together to enjoy the fellowship and skill of bell ringing.  Thank you to all our ringers across our team!  

On April 12th Corscombe village resounded to the splendid sound of bells as visiting ringers  rang a peal lasting 2 hours 52 minutes! This incredible sound born of mathematics,  manpower and coordination.  

Fortunately, it coincided with this year’s 250th anniversary of the casting of the bells for St  Mary’s Church in Corscombe and so both visiting ringers and our own home team gathered  with members of the parish to commemorate this anniversary. Following a few words and a  prayer, we shared refreshments, which included a lovely cake created by Bev Coleberd  featuring one of the towers bells.  

Thank you to all who helped the event happen and provided yummy things. 

Tessa Safadi
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