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Our bus service – Use it or lose it !

Use it or lose it !

Did you know that Nordcat provide a bus for the village every Friday around 10am to Yeovil and returns approximately 1pm.

Then once a month they do a trip to Dorchester on a Wednesday (Market Day) leaving Corscombe about 10.45am and returning about 3pm.  They pick up at Lindisfarne Corscombe or any other required stop and stop at the memorial, Yeovil.  In Dorchester we get dropped off at Iceland , Trinity Street.

This is of course is invaluable for non drivers.  However even if you are a driver it could be a nice change to use the bus and not have to worry about parking. The drivers are so helpful and carry your shopping on and off the bus.  Once on the bus it is good to meet people from other villages for a chat.  If we can’t get more passengers we are in grave danger of losing it and this can impact on anyone not only non drivers.  Eyesight and other health issues can prevent you from driving for a while and once we lose the bus it would be very difficult to get it back.  I tend to use the bus even if I don’t need to, just to keep it running.  Please think seriously about this !

Paula Denham

Tessa Safadi
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